Thank you for your interest in the new Okanagan College Basketball Program

Thank you for your interest in the new Okanagan College Basketball Program. This will be our first year of operation and the beginning of a new relationship between Okanagan College and the newly formed Kelowna College Basketball Society. The success of our program is entirely dependent on our ability to create long term relationships with businesses and individuals in our Okanagan Valley community. The entire cost of the program will be the responsibility of our society. Please review the information that follows. We look
forward to creating a relationship with you.

To discuss a sponsorship opportunity please contact Dino Gini.

Support An OC Athlete – $1,000

Supporting an Athlete provides anyone to be part of the Okanagan college Coyotes teams. Your
generous donations support our mission of educating and empowering our players with confidence,
commitment and integrity. Our athletes are our future community leaders and your support helps them
develop their leadership through hard work and commitment.

The Impact of your Support

Our program is much more than just playing basketball. We are developing a culture, a work-hard
attitude and an atmosphere what will give each player the opportunity to thrive. Supporting a student is a
valuable way to help the Coyotes team reach new levels of academic, community and athletic

Where does my donation go?

Your Support an Athlete donation directly benefits the OC Coyotes team of your choice. Funds raised
are used for specialized equipment and enhanced training to take our teams to the next level of
intercollegiate sport.

Donor Benefits

Your donation is tax deductible and you will receive a charitable tax receipt for the donated amount as
per Canada Revenue Agency guidelines, as well as 2 season passes in VIP section and on OC golf

  • Charitable receipt
  • 2 season passes VIP section
  • OC golf shirt
  • Tax receipt

Gold Package – $5,000

  • Program advertising full page
  •  Banner in gym
  •  2 VIP packages to fundraiser function
  • 1st right refusal
  • MVP Trophy sponsor
  • Website logo and link to your company
  • 4 OC golf shirts
  • 4 season passes VIP section
  • Score table signage 4 x 8
  • Tax receipt

Players Bench Sponsor – $2,500

  • Company name on 30 chairs, home bench and visitors bench
  • Banner space in gym
  • ½ page ad in program
  • 2 OC golf shirts
  • 2 season tickets
  • Logo and company link on website
  • Annual trophy presentation from one of your employees at our annual awards banquet
  • Tax receipt

Silver Sponsor – $2,500

  • ½ page in the program under player profile
  • Banner space in gym
  • Logo and link on website
  • 2 season passes in VIP section
  • 2 golf shirts OC gear
  • Game day sponsor full page ad in our roster insert
  • Name on portable sign marketing today’s game proudly sponsored by ________________
  • Tax receipt

Game Warm-up Sponsor – $2,500

  • Shooter shirts logo (30)
  • Ad underneath player profile
  • Space in gym for banner
  • 2 season passes VIP section
  • 2 team OC shooter shirts
  • Logo and link on website

Bronze Sponsor – $1,500

  • Logo on website
  • Banner space in gym
  • ½ page ad in program
  • OC golf shirt
  • Season pass VIP section
  • Co-game day sponsor
  • ½ page ad in roster insert
  • Name on portable event sign on game day “today’s game proudly sponsored by _________ &
  • Tax Receipt


4 x 8 score table signage $750
Banner in gym $500

Program Advertising

  • Inside Back Cover $750
  • Full Page $500
  • Half Page under player profile $500

VIP Season Ticket – $150 per seat

  • VIP Seating plus Okanagan College Seat Cushion
  • Charitable receipt

Season Ticket – $100 per seat

  • Seating for all games and tournaments
  • Charitable receipt
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